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  • The Commission’s next regular scheduled meeting is July 11, 2016. See the meeting schedule and documents.
  • Mendocino LAFCo regular meetings are recorded and may be viewed online at Mendocino County's YouTube channel here.
  • The most recent public hearing notices may be found here.

Welcome to the Mendocino County LAFCo website.

The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) was created by State law in 1963 to provide assistance to local agencies in overseeing jurisdictional boundary changes. Each of the 58 counties in California has a LAFCo Commission.

The objectives of LAFCo are to:

LAFCo’s oversight includes the following duties:

Mendocino LAFCO is a seven-member Commission comprised of two city council members, two county supervisor members, two special district members, and one public member.

As a public agency, LAFCo discusses and acts upon its business monthly in open public meetings.

For those interested in learning more about LAFCo, its duties, functions, and powers, please refer to the following PowerPoint presentation: The Role of LAFCo